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Website Design in Patna

It is known to all that the process of designing of website is known as website designing. Every website has three essential elements in it, and these are:

a) Webpage layout
b) Content of the design
c) Graphic design

Designing is the process of collecting ideas and implementing them. There are different elements involved in website designing like; website structure, website layout, user interface, navigation, image gallery, button styles, colors, font, etc.

What are the types of Layouts?

Here are some types of layouts explained below:

i) Static Page Layout:

It gives the fixed width to present sites and does not change the width on the browser. In other words, you can not update the content on this website. The main advantage of this site is, it is light on code so loads faster than another website. Web designers design the static layout websites from one page to hundreds of pages.

ii) Dynamic Page Layout:

Dynamic Website design can be complex or simple. The design depends on the client’s needs or the client’s design. In this type of layout, it is easy to add or manage the content with the help of CMS. The web designers can create a dynamic website like;

a) JavaScript,
b) .net
c) .php,
d) open source,
e) jquery

iii) Fixed Design Layout:

This design layout has a fixed width, and the components parts inside it have each percentage widths. Images and text may visually fall not together on the screen when the browser on a screen is distended or reduced. The company of website design in Patna can make this layout.

iv) Responsive Design Layout:

Responsive design Layout makes website presentation easier by displaying websites on various devices in forms that are easy to navigate and read. Web designers explore what makes a website responsive. And also explore how some common patterns for responsive design work across various devices. The websites that are created using responsive design layout are designed to display various content as the browser is reduced or expanded to fixed sizes.

Website Design in Patna

v) Fluid or Liquid Design Layout:

The content on the page spreads itself out to fill the width of the browser when expanded at the time of resizing the browser. It helps in setting up multiple widths to videos, content, images to fit various screen resolutions that are hectic for designers. Not only this, but it also helps in making the whole website work properly on different kinds of browsers.

vi) Single Page Design Layout:

The most popular design of the website is One-page websites, and there is no doubt about it. The best thing about this website is that it conveys your message to the users with a few quick scrolls only. This design is compatible with all browsers and well-maintained too.

Thus, the types of layout designs are explained above, and each of them has its unique feature and advantage. The best website design company in Patna has professionals who can create all the design layouts for their clients.

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